nclex exam, no ssn

  1. I'm from the philippines.

    i graduated year 2007. i once took the nclex-rn and unfortunately failed. now i wanna try it again. i was eligible before for california since they didn't require ssn that time.

    what states will allow me to take it without ssn this time? and what resources do you suggest?

    thanks much in advance!
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  3. by   steppybay
    Since CA is now out of the equation, what other state do you wish to work and practice in the minute you pass the NCLEX?

    Please understand that getting a RN license in any other state that does require the SS# means the same as trying to apply into CA. No SSN = no issued license even by endorsement, as it is not a guarantee to do so.

    Plus you need to make sure your educational background meets that state's BON requirements (from TOEFL, CVS, any English proficiency exams, copy of the local Phils nursing license, etc) you're trying to endorse into.

    Seeing that you graduated in 2007, some states have a limitation of not going passed 4 years from your graduation date or they will require that you take a refresher courses, some may require 1-2 year of that state's nursing program (yes, you do start over to some extent).

    This is why you need to know which state to get your license in due to the above.

    Anyways, CA has only approved a handful of PH grads or nurses since Nov. 2011, now one of the hardest state to get your ATT approval, despite not requiring so many pre-examination of your courses and knowledge of the English language.

    Even after you pass the NCLEX-RN, what will do to get a valid working SS#, as any US employer needs a copy of the SS# card for verification.