Is nursing good option for international student in USA

  1. Hi all
    i am in dilemma whether to join in nursing program bsn in usa as I heard the work permit visa is only one year and no sponsorship for Indian nurses in usa for job extensions, is that true and need your suggestions whether international students can opt nursing for better future at usa or not please respond and help me to choose the right path
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Things to think about

    International student is expensive you have OPT which as you mentioned is only got 12 months and you must get a job with OPT quickly when graduating otherwise you can't use it.

    Depending on where you was born will depend on how long you have to wait for immigrant visa. Currently if born in India you have a 10 year wait and if staying in the US you will have to maintain legal status somehow which may be difficult