IEN: Applying for Student Visa for Practice & Preparation for CRNE - page 2

I'm a Filipina currently processing my papers for CNO general class. I applied for general class to be able to sit for CRNE 2013. Am I on the right track? The school that I am entering requests a... Read More

  1. by   superme
    Seemingly its almost impossible to secure a visit visa to write crne....personally I will encourage perspectives to enroll in this programme as it will give them more insight not only on the exams but also Canadian heathcare system
  2. by   superme
    Sorry I meant the course takea 12-18months .
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I also think you will find it will soon get hard to get a student visa. My understanding is there are changes and university/school has to be on an approved list from I believe Jan 2013
  4. by   Helper11
    Quote from bloodsoda
    I have the forms already. I'm just waiting for my school to tell that they forwarded my transcript already so that I can send the other forms that are with me, because my transcript to be sent to CNO takes longer. I schedule everything.
    Did u get any reply from CNO?
  5. by   Helper11
    Did u get the approval from CNO?