IELTS validity for Nursing Registration in Australia

  1. Took my IELTS in 2010 and is about to turn2 years old by April. I would just like to know what are the chances that the board would still approve my application if I pass it prior its two year expiration. And I've also studied and currently working as an HCA here in New Zealand, will I still need the IELTS after that even though I have studied and worked in an English environment for more than a year? Thanks!
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  3. by   ceridwyn
    Is it academic IELTS and have you worked as an RN in and the NZ environment? Then most probable you will need a valid IELTS of 7 in one sitting for AHPRA. If it is they tend to still accept it, even though it may expire before your BP, however they now state when you finish the BP you have to satisfy the english requirements before you are registered as a nurse.

    Study in english (unless for at least 5 years in english speaking country) does not exempt one from IELTS, working, in the role of an RN in one of the english speaking countries for at least 3 months however does.

    You would be best to email AHPRA re this query.
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