How to get oiiq exam

  1. Hi iam tincy,
    trying to fing out how to do oiiq worried is it really hard or to make it easy plz do let me know....BEING AN INDIAN IMMIGRATION APPLICANT
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  3. by   yoopian
    Hello tincy. Have you applied for OIIQ yet? Do you already have a visa or are you an immigrant who is in Quebec right now?
  4. by   smelissedano
    hello i would like to ask if anyone out there know what is the email address of oiiq. i am a nurse in the Philippines and i am planning to continue my profession as a nurse and work in quebec. i kept on emailing [FONT=Arial Narrow] but somehow my email for a letter of request is always sent back to me. is there a possibility that they already change there email address? do anyone of you out there can please kindly help me and give me there new email address. Hoping for your reply. Thanks