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  1. by   mden2185
    hi i would like to ask if you were able to get licensed in Virginia...i am a filipino here in VA and thinking of processing CES and NCLEX...thanks
  2. by   tigerlily0218
    hello everyone!

    I attended 3 different schools to finish my nursing. The first school I went to, I took up a different course, Medical Technology. My subjects there were credited by my succeeding schools. My Transcript of Records in my final school, however, already reflects the subjects taken/credited in my 2 previous schools.

    I would like to ask, should I request transcripts from all 3 schools or only my last school?

    Thank you!
  3. by   breakingbad
    Hi fellow nurses,

    Would PRC process my "CES Request for Validation of License" even though my PRC ID has expired since 2010? I've been staying in the US for the last 4 years and I wasn't able to renew it. Thanks!
  4. by   Alienated
    I think it depends on the state where you want to apply. You see, I'm a second-courser. The first time I ordered a CES (Aug 2012), I just requested a transcript from my nursing school, not from the school where I took up my first course. Everything went well, CGFNS processed it and sent it to my selected state BON recipient.

    I ordered a re-evaluation from CGFNS to be sent to another state BON (Dec 2012), thinking they will just re-evaluate the documents they already have (which would have been great). But now they are also asking for the transcript from where I got my first course, so here I am requesting for the transcript which will take about a month for them to process. *sigh*
  5. by   Alienated
    A question:

    Is it ok if i just mail the sealed envelope to CGFNS instead of having the school send it to them as they charge a huge amount for sending it to CGFNS? The envelope will already have the school seal outside the envelope flap and sender and recipient already printed.

    Will CGFNS know if it was sent by the school or just me?
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  6. by   Silverdragon102
    As long as the envelope has been sealed properly and no tampering (not saying you would) then CGFNS should accept it and many others have done it this way
  7. by   mistirdonat
    how long do i have to wait for my eligibility?
  8. by   clairainette
    Hi everybody.

    I am currently appliyng on CGFNS for a CES professional report. On the step 6, I have to indicate which primary, secondary and professionnal schools I went to.
    I went to two different high schools. 4 years on the first one where I wasn't graduated and one year in the second high school were I was graduated. I would like to know if I have to indicate the both high schools together or if I have to indicate them seperatly. Or if I have to indicate just the last one where I spent at least just one year (the last year of high school).

    Thank you in advance for your answer!
  9. by   jheysie7
    Anyone here applying or applied in Hawaii/Nevada.. Do they require like clinical cases?
  10. by   Baneneng
    Hello everyone! Quite confused. Why is CGFNS not asking for my diploma? Dont they need it? Or should my school still mail it? Thankyou so much!
  11. by   mellamobianca
    What if I already have a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate, will this be a credit in applying for CGFNS?
  12. by   mden2185
    @iirnited: Were you able to get licensed here in VA? I have a CES report sent to Virginia Board of Nursing as a requirement of my CA license endorsement to VA. What did VA BON said about your CES report, did they accept it. I graduated from the Philippines.
  13. by   dauntless78
    Quote from heyprincesshey

    Oh yeah my bad. I left that very important info out. Sorry. I am a second courser that's why I had to identify my previous school in my application. Just indicate the school where you finished your BSN degree, mjntaurus is right. Your transcripts should reflect all the credentials you got from your previous school anyways.
    I am also a second courser. Does my first course needs to be evaluated since my basic sciences like chemistry and physics were credited in my nursing?