Hi I'm a BSN graduate in the Philippines

  1. I'm a BSN graduate in the Philippines last 2008 I didnt take the Nursing Licensing Examination anymore because I already got hired as a Pharmacist Assistant. Three years later I was petitioned here in the USA and want to continue my nursing career so i could help my husband to pay our bills . I dont know how to start but am I allowed to take NCLEX-RN or do I need to go back to college again? Anyway I live in Georgia. TIA!
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  3. by   steppybay
    First, have you read over the requirements from the GA BON site? Google it and look under any section for "International applicants".

    Each state has its own requirements, so you can best find your answers there. If you get stuck, I'd call them and if no reponses or busy signals, try to e-mail them. Good luck.
  4. by   numb_031
    I tried calling the GABoN but the line is busy. So i searched on google and I think it says I have to have a license from the PI, but I dont know what to do because I dont think I can afford to go back to the Philippines just to take the nursing exam there, so I'm wandering if theres anyway to become RN here in Georgia.
  5. by   missnurse01
    you could check at your local schools of nursing to see if any of the courses would be accepted as transfer, like gen eds and prereqs, then apply to a nursing program. basically starting from scratch but that may be what you have to do at this point. good luck