HI anyone applied for registration in NMBI recently .

  1. Hi ..I am a nurse from India . I had sent all required documents for NMBI registration on April 25. 2018 . Still my application is under assessment stage in my account page .it has been 46days in assessment stage . Could any one tell me how long it will take more ? And tell me if 3years diploma in nursing and psychiatry is eligible to register as general nurse in NMBI. moreover , if anyone knows the minimum hours required in theory and clinical for NMBI registration .
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   ann_pheba
    Hi did ur status changed? How long it took for you to change from review pending to assessment?
  5. by   SHAINABHA
    From review pending to assessment , it took only three days . But after that , still.it is in assessment stage . It has been 52 days in total .
  6. by   ann_pheba
    Oh I see thanks dear it's been two weeks for me in review pending...
  7. by   SHAINABHA
    Oh.. don't worry .. they will update soon . U are from which country .. ? I guess NMBI has more applications now
  8. by   ann_pheba
    India ,Kerala and u?
  9. by   SHAINABHA
    Oh ..I am from Chennai . India . Did you clear interview for job in Ireland . Are you planning for aptitude or adaptation . Thanks for sharing your views .. it would be so helpful if we meet a person who are waiting for NMBI registration .. my mail id is (sraam86@gmail.com) . You can contact me in that , I will give my personal contact no .. it may be helpful for sharing our process . . And prepare for aptitude test . Also .
  10. by   ann_pheba
    Hey hi happy to hear u from India. I'll mail in ur email
  11. by   SHAINABHA
    Hi madam...did u get any update in NMBI status ..mine is still in assessment madam..71 days gone
  12. by   ann_pheba
    No mine is also still in assessment
  13. by   SHAINABHA
    It can take up to 90days ..mine is also in assessment ...but one of my friends from Kerala got done in one month .but I am unlucky
  14. by   ann_pheba
    Wen that frnd got