HELP! Cgfns ces report-texas state

  1. Im from Philippines, i just graduated this and passed the local board exam last june 2017. Then I applied for CFGNS and completed the whole requirements on the last week of august. Then I have this friend of mine who's going to take the nclex too. But she recieve already her approval ij the cgnfs after 3 weeks of waiting. But when i check my account and email too there's no approval or confirmation on my ces report. I'm now worried because it's been more than a month.

    please help me!!! Or give me info or suggestion on what im going to
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    Hi nicole,
    I am also applying for state of texas. I just finish my CES report. Usually it takes time. For me it was a period of 3 months, then I received my CES report. I hope we could help each other in the application. I just started also my process. I did not submit yet any application for them because I am really confused with the process. You can send a email to them using the CGFNS Connect. If you have the name who is taking charge of your verification papers then it would be much better, you can just put ATTN: (NAME) and include that in your query.
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    Call cgfns and ask what is the problem.Sometimes they will not email u regarding the problem so better call them.