Foreign Grad Waiting for Eligibility Letter

  1. Hi, I'm a BSN graduate from the Philippines Batch 2007. I recently got my green card and is now living here in California. I submitted my Initial Application for RN licensure last August 17. Check was encashed on October 12. My school already submitted all necessary requirements bcak in June. I have a proof of delivery which I also submitted to CABRN. I applied via mail. Back in 2007, I applied for NCLEX-RN and got my eligibility letter in June 2008 however, I wasn't able to take the exam because life happened!! And I didn't have any visa yet or whatsover. I regret not taking it back then because I didn't expect all these concurrency issues to happen!! Anyway, fast forward to today, I'm patiently waiting for any update from the board. It's been 11 weeks since they received the application. I am hoping for a positive response and I trust my school submitted all that's necessary. Anyone in the same position as I am??? Any of you waiting for your eligibility too and what's your timeline???
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  3. by   Bentolbeng
    I am waiting for a response from BON too. They received my application last week of August but the requirements from my college school was received last week of October. Yeah that long. I graduated year 2006. I hope we get a response any time soon
  4. by   mitchiefox
    Hi there! Wow your school definitely took it's time! lol 😊 Well I hope we get a response soon. I sent them an email inquiry too as I can't get through their phone line. My school sent it within 2 weeks of request so that was way back in June. I'm wondering if no news is good news?? I saw that they sent the academic calendar and everything already. Hopefully we get our letter of eligibility instead of deficiency right? When was your check cashed?
  5. by   Bentolbeng
    I sent a money order. And yes hopefully we get good news. Lets update each other.
  6. by   Bentolbeng
    So i called the board today. After 15 minutes waiting on the line, they said that there is no current activity for my application since they received other requirements 2 weeks ago. She asked me for my phone number and that someone will contact me in 2-3 weeks for an update
  7. by   mitchiefox
    Hi Bentolbeng! I also called the Board yesterday and they told me to send a clear copy of my social security card. I just received the mail today asking for the same thing. The girl I talked to said that nothing else is required from me after this and that I should get an update within 4 weeks. She said I should get my eligibility because it seems like they didn't find any deficiency. I don't want to get my hopes up though and end up being disappointed so I will patiently wait for the next letter within this month. I hope we both get good news in the following weeks.
  8. by   Bentolbeng
    Yay! That's good. Do you have a breeze account? What does it say.i have one saying "pending"
  9. by   mitchiefox
    I have a breeze account but I applied the old school way: by mail. lol. It doesn't reflect on my breeze account so I don't really know how that goes. I will just have to wait via mail I guess.
  10. by   Bentolbeng
    I applied by mail too. I a breeze account that says "pending" open. I don't know what that means?
  11. by   mitchiefox
    I don't have anything like that in my Breeze account. Where do you see that? I'm not exactly sure how do they link mail application to Breeze.
  12. by   mitchiefox
    Quote from Bentolbeng
    I applied by mail too. I a breeze account that says "pending" open. I don't know what that means?
    Hey I was finally able to link my account and it says "Pending" too. But when I clicked on Details, it says to submit a copy of my SSN which I already did! Wow thanks for suggesting to do that. At least now, I can monitor it like you do.
  13. by   Bentolbeng
    Oh great! Good for you. It bothers me why there is no activity on my application.
  14. by   Bentolbeng
    Anyway, when you clicked the details, what date appeared at the top?