Ex-Saudi nurse (Did not finish contract)

  1. Hello! I am raising a question for nurses who experienced this.

    For ofw nurses working in the UK, is it still possible to apply a nursing job in the UK if a nurse was not ablw to finish their contract in Saudi? (Like 2 years contract for Saudi, went back to the Philippines after a year and failed to come back due to some circumstances)

    I tried looking for questions regarding this topic but I can't find any.

    Any input would really help.

    Thank you so much. God bless

    p.s. Will it help to work again in the Philippines as a nurse for a year then apply for UK? Will NMC still look for your Saudi experience? Is it okay to not declare Saudi since you haven't finished your contract? Thanks again
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    Thank you ma'am
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    Not completing your nursing contract in Saudi will have no bearing on whether you can apply to the UK. Have a look on Youtube as many trusts in England and Ireland are currently looking to recruit nurses from overseas. I don't know about the entrance requirements from overseas to the UK but there is a wealth of information available online. For example... Overseas nurses coming to The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust - YouTube

    Good luck
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    I really do not know the answer to your question as I am not an ex-OFW but I'll try to provide some input regarding coming to the UK.

    During your application to the NMC you will be asked to provide a certificate of registration for every country in which you are registered to as a nurse. For example, if you are a nurse in the Philippines you will have to provide the PRC board certificate, or an NCLEX certificate if you have a valid NCLEX (even if you did not practice in the USA). So if you have a valid registration as a nurse in KSA you will have to provide that certificate as well. I don't know if that is obtained through your employer or if there is a regulatory board for nurses in KSA that provides this.

    Also, there is a part in the application process that requires references from a senior colleague. If you are going to declare that work experience in KSA you will need someone from that hospital to complete one of the referral forms.

    The fact that you did not complete your contract with them has no bearing on your application. You will only be asked to provide dates in which you worked for them and not reasons on why you left. I don't remember if it is mandatory but my previous employer attached a certificate of employment. Hope this helps. Best of luck!