Evidence of practice is outstanding according to CNO

  1. I have received a letter from CNO informing me that I don't have sufficient evidence of practice as a nurse.I graduated in 2006 and had a year of voluntary work.

    Is there anyone knows how will this affect my application for an RN in Ontario? I have not received my letter of direction yet. And according to my case manager, it will take 10 months before I receive the result of my assessment. I've been waiting for 7 months now for the result of my assessment. Last September, I received a letter from CNO informing me about the new assessment policy that will take effect next year that's when I knew that I do not have sufficient evidence of practice.

    After a few months of waiting for more updates and reading some information over the internet, I started to worry because I am not getting the right information to guide me with regard to my application.

    Unfortunately, I am currently working here in UK and I just sent my visa application to the Canadian Embassy here in London so there's no way for me to go back home and update my nursing skills.

    Any idea will be appreciated... Thanks!
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  4. by   Silverdragon102
    When did you send your application to the Embassy and what route are you looking at? I may have to move this again to the immigration route but want to be a bit clearer on route and what capasity are you working in the UK?