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First of all, I really hope Silverdragon reads this and gives me insight. I have sent out my application as well as all of my paperwork to the NMC for my nursing license, except my training... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    The UK does use NP's and a lot regarding work will depend on experience and whether job meets shortage list for the UK. You need to check with the NMS whether direct entry to MSN will be accepted. Things at the moment are really tough in the UK for many professions that work within the NHS especially nurses
  2. by   feelslikefire
    Oh, that's excellent to know. Thanks for the heads-up, Silverdragon. I know it's tough all around right now, and that's one thing I'm trying to keep in mind as far as student loans vs. job opportunities go. Last thing I want is a 100k+ pile of loans and no job to show for it.

    One question: you said "NMS" in your post; did you mean "NHS," or am I totally clueless here? Thank you again!

    Edit: Please ignore my stupid questions, it's what I get for posting on 4 hours of sleep. Thanks for responding!
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  3. by   babyNP.
    Yeah...I would e-mail them directly. Considering that they don't accept accelerated BSNs (even though they have the same number of hours as a "regular" BSN), I don't think they would accept direct-entry as most of them do an accelerated RN license program on the way to getting NP. The exception that I'm thinking of might be midwifery since it seems to be a different type of licensing compared to the US from what I've read.

    Yeah, I would think you would do US traveling (although I don't know how good opportunities are for travel NPs; I know NNPs that do it, but I don't know about other specialties) and then go to Europe. Keep in mind that a NP in the UK makes roughly what a RN makes in the US, so you'd be taking a big paycut. The salaries are online and called "band levels" and NPs are generally under "Band 8a" (or at least they are for NNP jobs that I've seen) which start out at about 38,851 pounds = ~$61,000. On the one hand you have your healthcare paid for with lots of vacation time (although I don't know how that kind of scheduling works), but then you essentially have two tax income tiers of 20% and 40% with across the board 17.5% sales tax (you don't "see" it because everything's included in the price). You get a little more money if you live in London, but not enough (IMO) to meet the same standard of living since London is so expensive.

    We hope to go in the future (10+ years) after we have kids so they can see grandma and grandpa more than once a year, but I think we'd have to drastically cut our can't match this kind of experience, though, so we'll see how things turn out.

    Hope this helps, some food for thought. Let us know if you decide to pursue it and what your results are: many people read this board even if they don't comment.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Meant NMC board not NMS
  5. by   sarena33
    I'm in the same situation. Did you also send the hours of your prerequisites and other classes required to obtain the bachelor's degree? My recruiting company had me include every class I took for the entire 4 years.

    Have any of you heard back yet? I'm still just waiting while the NMC has put a hold on all overseas applicants to review their policies
  6. by   breliediva
    Coffee Nurse i m unable to PM you because im new to the site. Im moving to England in August and recently talked to Continental Traveler, will you tell me about them as far as is it a good agency ? pay rate? living situations and your experience ? You can email me at Thanks a lot!
  7. by   Nurselexii
    continental is an amazing agency im looking for someone who had an origianl RN degree (ADN) and topped up either in a UK distance learning or in a USA RN_BSN and succesfully registered with the NMC im aware the ADN by itself is not accepted im aware that a acceleerated is not accepted i just want to hear from someone who did something to top up their ADN and got registered
  8. by   iampresrn
    Quote from helricha

    I just received my decision letter from the NMC today. I sent all of my paperwork with my application out on 25th September minus the training form which I sent out on 2nd October. I confirmed they received everything by 13th October.
    My decision letter is dated 25th October and I received it today, 30th October. Talk about fast service!! I have had no problems with the NMC in any of my interaction with them. They receive an A+ from me for providing me with what I needed in a timely fashion.
    I started this journey on 19th June when I sat for my IELTS. All the headache and paperwork has been well worth it.
    If anyone else from the US has any questions, please feel free to ask.
    Hi! i am not sure if you will still be able to reply with this message, I just have the same problems with you, my clinical hours is not enough and maybe NMC will reject my paper, did you do anything or any explanation letter that the NMC accepted your school documents regardless of lacking hours?