Change the recipient of my application of CES on CGfNS?

  1. Hi, i need help how to change the recipient in my application for CES in CGfNS? Im currently on the last step of filling up the application and suddenly I want to change the recipient from illinois to Massachusetts? And I cannot place a new order because I currently placed an order as it shows when Im trying to make one. Can someone help so that I can finish my application in CGFNS. Thanks a lot.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Try contacting them or send a letter
  4. by   kp2016
    They have an option to send them a message from within your account after you have logged in. Having been forced to use their service twice I can promise you this is a much better way to deal with them than trying to call and talk to someone. My guess is they will charge you to add a second recipient. Last time I used them the cost for that was $100.