CGFNS - UAE MOH License Verification Delay

  1. Hi - I am trying to get my Texas Board RN license and as part of the process CGFNS need to verify all previously held licenses. I used to work as a RN in UAE Ministry of Health and its been more than one year since CGFNS is trying to make this happen. I have got VOL papers signed and sent to CGFNS through courier from MOH 2 times but CGFNS comes back to me saying they cant get the signature verified.
    I have spent countless number of time in phone and email to contact both CGFNS and UAE MOH to resolve their broken communication. . I have requested their forensics department to escalate this. They say they are mailing to UAE but UAE MOH wont reply back and vice versa.
    To me it seems CGFNS is not really interested in resolving their broken communication with MOH and moreover they wont tell me as to whom they are sending email in MOH so that I can make an attempt to follow up. I feel I have done almost 50% of the communication to resolve matters between UAE board and CGFNS. I have even made attempts to go directly to UAE and CGFNS. Am at a total loss since I initiated this process 2016 January.
    Has anyone gone through similar experiences with CGFNS and UAE? If so please suggest how they resolved any issues or got CES report issued.
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  3. by   Rebeccasimon
    CGNFS is giving hard time to applicants by having a bad customer service and not going out of their comfort seat to do what they are there to do. Anyone has any information to escalate a issue within CGFNS.
  4. by   Tats89
    Is it possible to have someone from the UAE call CGFNS and ask them directly what is wrong with the signature? Or have them sign it again with a cover later explaining that ghr signature is from the registrar and is valid?

    Something similar happened to me but my BON kept a copy of what they send and could certified that what they send was valid and that the signaturr was from the registrar
  5. by   Rebeccasimon
    UAE will not sent postal email unless someone goes in personally into their office and request it , they are doing communication by EMAILS. So each time I have to arrange myself or someone on my behalf to go to their office.
    CGFNS want all communication to come by a POSTAL mail form. So there is a communication break there and they are not willing to resolve this.

    Secondly because there is a TIME difference both offices are not available at the same work time.

    To add more difficulty . every time I call them they give me different answers. Now when today I called them they are saying they haven't received any document that I with lot of pain arranged to send from UAE even after each time a document was send I made it a point to call to CGFNS and update them with the tracking number and confirmation of them receiving the mails.

    I am all lost and don't have words to describe my misery and their complete lack of efficiency and professionalism.
  6. by   Rebeccasimon
    Finally got my CGFNS report issued. Had to make a trip to their office.
  7. by   nancysamuel
    Hi rebecca
    im facing the same problem..can u tell me how you resolved it??
  8. by   kismetRN
    Hi Kabayan!

    I'm into visascreen process and I have MOH license that is expired. Unfortunately cgfns autopopulates in their record whatever license a candidate had previously included so now I am having a headache on how to proceed with regards to MOH verification. Can you please help me with the details Ma'am? You can reply here or in my email address Thank you and God Bless!