CGFNS for American citizens (foreign trained)

  1. I completed the frist 2.5 years of a BSN program here in the US; the last 1.5 years were completed in the Philippines. All of my credits from the US were accepted as transfers, and the school in PI had a curriculum very similar to the program I was enrolled in her in the US.

    I am a natural-born US citizen. I went to PI to complete my schooling under a student visa. Before I transferred, I did my research and was told that it was 'no big deal'; I would simply have to go through the CGFNS CP and take the CGFNS Qualifying exam.

    Once I finished the nursing program I returned home to the US It took well over a year for my degree to be issued becuase I apparently was the first person in that area of Northern Luzon to trasnsfer credits from the US to PI, and there were hold ups with CHED.

    At the same time my degree was issued (7/2012), a request was put in to PRC for a letter stating that I am not a Filipino citizen and therefore, am not eligible to sit for the BON exam in PI. On 10/12/2012 (3 months after the initial request was put in to PRC), CGFNS received the letter, only it stated that I AM a Filipino citizen, and though I AM eligible, I did not sit for the exam in PI.

    Now CGFNS is stating they will send a letter to PRC requesting that they confirm the information because I am contesting. How long will this take, considering I am now six months into the 12 month ex-date on my CGFNS app?

    I understand the need for CGFNS, however, I don't understand why American citizens have the same process as foreigners. The supervisor at CGFNS stated that they deal with this situation all the time, and they understand that non-Filipinos can't sit for the PI licensure exam; so then why can't the local licensure requirements simply be waived if I am able to provide documentation that I am an American citizen? I can easily provide my American birth certificate, passport, as well as the PI student visa documentation.

    Has anybody had this problem?

    My other question is on the TOEFL. Every time I contact CGFNS I get a different answer. I have been told that this requirement absolutely can't be waived, however, I have seen other posts indicating that it can be waived.

    If anyone has had a similar situation/similar problem, I would truly appreciate any information you can provide as to how you were able to complete the process.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   dragon_lady
    Some states doesn't require CGFNS qualifying exam,they only requireS CES and CVS only applicable for NY state,so you don't need to take the exam,just evaluation or validation of your nursing education/education since you are a foreign trained.What state are you in?
  4. by   dragon_lady
    Since you are a foreign educated nurse,you have to go through CGFNS evaluation,it doesn't matter if you are an immigrant or US citizen.They don't evaluate your citizenship,they will compare your nursing education in the Philippines to US nursing education.Good luck!
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    In regards to English exams I would suggest you contact the BON direct.