Cgfns-cvs application... Help!

  1. i called my school today to follow up on my documents for CGFNS-CVS evaluation. I was then told that CGFNS sent them a letter requesting for my transcript "again" because the previous one was not sent by my school directly. My school was really confused by this because they are the one who sent my documents to CGFNS. omg! what's wrong with CGFNS. so, what i did was, i just paid for the mailing fee again so that they can send my documents to CGFNS. can someone help me about this who's going on same situation? thank you so much!
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    CGFNS is very particular with they way the school send their forms/transcript.It should be on a sealed envelope with the name of the school, the address and the seal of the school in the envelope or else they will classify it as tampered and will not accept them. In mailing it to them via courier the name of the sender must be the school, college of nursing and not the person mailing it .Furthermore, they will not tell you the details what went wrong why it was not accepted.