1. Hi! I'm a Registered Nurse in the Philippines. I am currently processing my CGFNS. Last April, CGFNS emailed me that they have received my college transcript. After a few hours they emailed me again indicating that it was received but was rejected because the signature and seal could not be authenticated and is not valid. My processing agency advised me again to submit a new transcript and form. I sent it via DHL last May 7 and on May 26, I have received an email indicating they have received my new college transcript. I have checked my status tonight in their site and my college transcript still indicates "received but rejected". My questions are:

    Does that still indicate that it is rejected again?
    Or do I have to wait for few days or weeks for it to be updated?

    I'm really anxious and frustrated. After they emailed me that they have received the new college transcript I sent they did not send an email again indicating it was rejected.
    I hope someone can answer my question. Thank you!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Usually CGFNS get in touch with the school for confirmation if there are queries against a signature
  4. by   LRJ,RN
    But I asked my school to they received any email or postal mail from CGFNS but they didn't.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Could your school send a list of names and signatures of the people who will be completing forms?
  6. by   LRJ,RN
    Will I ask CGFNS a form for the list of names of those who will complete my form? I'm just anxious because they emailed me that they have received my new college transcript form but the status on my cgfns account is still the same. Although when they rejected it last time, they emailed me that it was received but rejected. Yesterday, there was no email indicating that it was rejected but only received. Does it take time for them to update the order status? ;(
  7. by   LRJ,RN
    Hi, Guys!

    I emailed CGFNS regarding my CES. The first school document that I submitted was received but rejected because of invalid signature and seal. I submitted new school forms and TOR and after 3 weeks they emailed me that they have received it. I emailed them asking why is my order status still received but rejected, their response was they were still waiting for the documents to be imaged. [/B]Can anyone explain to me what does that mean? It will mean a lot. Thank You!