Canadian competence assessment test for IEN

  1. dear all
    i just wonder if anybody took or going to take the competence assessment test prior to CRNE?if yes,could you please give me some idea such as how many questions will be there and how much time can be spent per question?!also what resources should be used to be fully prepared!
    i appreciate your help
    thanks alot
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Are you going through licensing process with CRNNS?

    I did a 1 day prep course with them for CRNE in Halifax which I found very useful so may be worth asking your assessor about it
  4. by   pantea77
    thanks.yes i m going to get my license in novascotia but i need to take the competence assessment test first which i dont have that much info about it!
    there will be an orientation to the canadian health care system course which will be conducted in october after my due date!
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    OK, moved to nurse registration as nothing to do with taking the CRNE. My understanding of the competency assessment test is the college is assessing your skills to see if it matches what is required of a new grad in NS. Depending on what is required the examination is between 1-3 days and at the end they will decide if you need to do further courses before eligibility is given to sit CRNE. I had to do a few courses as the assessment was only just coming into play and I actually found the courses good as the tests was given in the same way the CRNE is given so good practice for the CRNE and I passed first time.
  6. by   pantea77
    Thanks a lot !so I'll concentrate on the CRNE prep guide mostly. I hope that would be enough;-)
  7. by   uk.nurse
    I'm waiting to hear from CRNBC having sent my application and processing fees to them. I'll no doubt need to do the SEC assessment myself.
  8. by   pantea77
    do you have any idea what materials need to study?!
  9. by   uk.nurse
    I know that CRNBC don't approve any preparatory courses for the SEC assessment, not sure about CRNNS. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you right now. I'll let you know what happens if I hear anything before you.
  10. by   pantea77
    thanks alot!