CA concurrency solution in Inland Empire

  1. I am a Phil grad student with RN License in Hawaii, Washington and Nevada. I am trying to collect all of west coast license, but unfortunately I was held back by CA due to its strict requirements of foreign grads because of this so called concurrency.
    Welp challenge accepted, so I did an extensive 2 hours research on the internet found a lead and drove to CSU campus, I then inquire at Nursing building, they made me call a number, turned in my information and I have been added to a list in CSU Dept of Nursing, foreign trained nurse program to fulfill BON requirements for OB and MS deficiency. If you are interested let me know in fb "neo kreats ion", I can show you the steps you need.
    Class may start this summer 2017 so hurry and get on the list.

    Good luck to those who are searching.
    There is hope
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  3. by   roser13
    What's the Inland Empire?