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I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV? I received a letter from CA BON requesting... Read More

  1. by   lamnurse
    Quote from steppybay
    Are you a US citizen, dual or of PH citizenship? CA BRN does require along with the valid work authorized SS# and a copy of your PH local nursing license as some of the basic required documentation, whether for first-time applicants or via endorsement.

    The only way one can tell if you're going to be eligible with the CA BRN is to submit your application with the non-refundable application fees. They will have the final decision so it doesn't matter what's said here.

    The one answer might be did you take ALL your theory and clinical in the exact same time together, NOT one week, not one month, not 1-2 years before or after the courses began or ended?

    It only takes one mistake when if dates don't match up date day by date day or you'll be found not meeting the concurrency rules. That's why the CA BRN is strict on getting some documentations later after the first submission, this is to lessen the chance of the fraudulent paperwork being sent in, so well known amongst the CA BRN evaluators.
    hi thank you so much for that info. I just got here last Sept 16 as a new immigrant (green card holder). Our school, realized that "theory and clinical issue" late and still tried to give us complete cases.

    Maybe my best step is to call them and ask right away or else I'll pursue my dreams in California and start out as LVN if thats the only way.

    Btw, how many months would it take me to wait for LVN application?
    How about the study period for the deficient subjects?

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  2. by   hope0416
    Hello Guys!

    I read all the topics here and I graduate from the Philippines year 2007. I also received a letter from the BON to take classes of Med Surgical and OB. Since I got the letter, I decided to take LVN and passed it. My question is, does anyone of you knows a school here in San Diego CA area? I already had a full time job in this area, and It will be hard for me to travel one city to another, but if you know any schools that accept online classes for theory, then just go to that area for clinicals, then i will take it for consideration. Please let me know, I would appreciate one of you will reply.

    Thank You
  3. by   13grad71
    I just found out thru a friend that if you are needing to complete classes for concurrency issues, Moorpark College and Ventura College in Southern California would allow you to apply as advanced placement student to get those classes taken care of. If you are accepted, you go in as third semester students and graduate in a year with an associate degree, thereby allowing you to sit for the NCLEX. My friend is a foreign educated nurse with concurrency issues and she is in third semester now. Further, she said no waiting period, everything is based on points. However, she said the program is incredibly rigorous especially the clinicals. You get 3 patients from the get go.

    Here is the FAQ link she sent to me

    Frequently Asked Questions | Moorpark College
  4. by   bradycardic
    What are some schools in the Bay Area Northern California to take the deficiency classes?
  5. by   frtzygurl
    hello, i'm a newbee here... i just wanna ask.. i passed my NCLEX-RN CA last july 2008, am i still affected with the concurrency issues if ever i'll apply for my license.. i dont have the license yet due to ssn requirement, but im working on my eb3 now since my PD is already current & already have an employer in ca.. i was just a little bit worried if i could have a hard time in getting my license.. hope you could share some inputs.. thanks a lot...
  6. by   nursefromcali
    maybe as long as you have SSN you'll be fine, especially if you're going to work as a nurse here in US or here in Cali, employer should ask for you license I mean like the physical US RN license itself. And I think employer should fix that for you since they gave you the permit to work here right?
  7. by   nursefromcali
    Only the CA BRN can answer your question. TBH you should apply for them and see what's their verdict. It's kinda win or lose game for them. In order to know if you're eligible or not you should try to apply and wait for their evaluation
  8. by   nursefromcali
    i'm trying to do the lvm-rn bridge program. but still no luck yet. I'm trying to apply in city or community colleges here around our area. bridge program sometimes will take 12-18 months..
  9. by   nee21
    Hi did you find any school near that area?
  10. by   Quincy_ting
    Im a 2007 Philippine graduate too. Now residing in temecula and Ive been planning to take the nclex but according to all these, its not looking good for me I still want to try tho. Anyone near me going through the same thing? I feel so alone since I just migrated last year...
  11. by   nee21
    I am in temecula too! where are you here? email me at
  12. by   Quincy_ting
    Quote from nee21
    I am in temecula too! where are you here? email me at
    Hi! Im near Temecula community & recration center. Emailed you!
  13. by   theresaperez
    Hi im new here. I am also a graduate of nursing in the philippines. I just got here in california 6 months ago, my husband petition me. I was planning to take the NCLEX but i have no idea if Im qualify to take it because of this "concurrency issues". Can anybody give me an advice what is the best thing to do. Thanks