1. Hello everyone

    I already applied for my NCLEX PN application in California last year June 2016 and received a letter in October stating that I need to have my credentials(Transcripts) evaluated from a credentialing agency(CGFNS) Since this is their new rule effective as of April 1 2016, The Following day I signed up for CGFNS CES Professional, Did submit all the requirements that they were asking for and this January 12 2017 my report has been already issued to the board. So to those who have successfully received their att in this kind of situation, My question is it supposed to be sent electronically? and how did you update if the bvnpt already received it from cgfns? Please Help!

    Thank You! Take care Everyone
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    Pearsonvue will send TT via email once you have registered with Them and paid their fees. Usually when IEN we recommend waiting for confirmation of eligibility before registering with Pearsonvue
  4. by   crisbien04
    Oh sorry I mean the eligibilty ✌️️..BTW what's IEN?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    IEN= Internationally Educated Nurse
  6. by   Bentolbeng
    Hi there! Did you resolved your problem? i wil process my cgfns soon. And getting some infos by reading