AHPRA RN Registration Process (Australia)... please help...

  1. I've been reading a lot of questions about the new registration process in Australia... I hope others can share their experiences for all of us.... Before, the qualifications for overseas nurses to register in Australia is very specific... I think there are confusions because of the new procedure.

    I hope to help by posting these sites:

    1. Application for Registration (Overseas Nurses)

    2. Registration Process

    3. Overseas Nurses Guidelines/Qualifications

    4. Registration Requirements

    That's all I can find as of the moment...

    Before Overseas Nurses who have years of experiences in UK, Canada, US and singapore do not need to undergo a bridge course. I do not know if it is still the same today... What if there are 3-5 years of hospital nursing experience in other countries not mentioned??? I also do not know the answer yet..

    I hope others will choose to enlighten others by sharing their insights and experiences....
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  3. by   Leela81
    Thanks for the links. I'm a RN and Nurse-Midwife from the USA and I have applied for registration in Australia this summer and have found the transition to the National nursing/midwifery board very frustrating. I recently was told that they hadn't been processing international applications b/c they didn't have anything in place to do so. But as of the ~2nd wk of Sept they have started. They advised me that it may take another 3 months for them to process my application and that they are starting with the main countries such as the UK and United States. So, to all other internation applicants hang in there!
  4. by   enoddings
    Does anyone know which AHPRA form to fill out and submit to register as a RN to work in Australia? They have several forms on the website and is very confusing. Is it the "Application for general registration -AGEN 40" form?
  5. by   jjaros00
    Thanks for posting these links! Hope to look at them soon, but it's off to the hospital for now!