A Guide in Becoming a Nurse in Dubai - page 5

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  1. by   helmintched23
    Hi ms. RNROUGE... thanks for sharing the info.. i do have a lot of questions in mind... i hope you can help me on this...

    First i want to take dha exam for nurses, let me ask first if I'm eligible. I worked in Philippines as staff nurse from January 1,2011-august 31, 2012 & currently I'm an enrolled nurse in Singapore hospital from September 17,2012.

    Second do they really ask for certificate of good standing for all their applicants? How to get when you're en here in Singapore?

    Third, i really wanna transfer to other countries because our promotion in our area is very very slow. .. pls help me.. is it possible that I'll be an rn in dubai? I really wanna work as a staff nurse in dubai...

    I appreciate your thoughts on this... of anyone is in the same situation, pls enlighten me as well... thanks a lot ^_^
  2. by   amihan_leaf
    hello, just to confirm , DHA requires 2 years experience? )
  3. by   haian0821
    To amihan_leaf,

    Yes, you need at least two years of experience when applying for dha examination.
  4. by   haian0821
    Just want to ask if you guys have an idea about dha jobs posted in their site, did anyone get the job? Or do I need to wait until june (end date) to know whether i am hired or not?
  5. by   haian0821
    Yes, you need at least 2 years of experience to apply for fha examination.
  6. by   littlelobster
    Hi All,

    esp, RNRouge,

    I have a question, i want to take the exam but i am still employed and i am in my 7th month. can i still take the exam?

  7. by   MarkeeiDayuja
    Hi ma'am. how did solve this problem? im having the same difficulty but (btw I'm using metrobank card). the problem I've encountered was after I submitted my OTP. The error page showed and I was confused if my transaction was made or not. TIA for the response.
  8. by   MarkeeiDayuja
    Quote from ceanne
    Hello Ma'am,

    I wanna seek advice/assistance from you regarding DHA application. I am currently applying for Dubai Health Authority Exam. I am donw with registration, uploading the important documents and filling up the needed information. I am on the step of paying the assessment fee through online so I decided to use Metrobank Visa Credit Card owned by my sister. As i proceed to the transaction payment, I entered the Visa Card Number, Expiry Date and Verification Code but there was an error. It says, "Your authentication could not be completed because of a system error. If this happens consistently, please contact your CSR." Afterwards, my sister received a text message "MCC ending 2003. Your one time password (OTP) to complete this purchase of AED 210 is (password number). If you don't make this purchase, call 8-700-700. But in the DHA online payment transaction, nothing pop up asking the OTP or no window appear where i can encode the OTP and send it to complete the transaction.

    I found out that my former workmate has a mastercard so i decided to use it with her consent. The verification and authentication of the mastercard was done and as i review the transaction details in the reciept, it says TRANSACTION STATUS:: FAILURE. Can u help me with this concern??? so i could proceed to the next step

    we have the same problem ma'am. how did you come to solve your problem regarding OTP? did you use again your metrobank card?
  9. by   littlelobster
    Hi MarkeeiDayuja! how did you apply for appliction? does having 2 yrs of experience is important? pls reply
  10. by   Phony
    Hi! Just want to answer your query, you really have to use dubai issued cards then if you will use payment for psv and prometric exam, any credit cards now may be used
  11. by   Phony
    Yes at least 2 Consecutive years. Take note consecutive that means no interrupted years of employment
  12. by   WAH SN
    Hai, i m a state registered nurse in Malaysia with 2 years experiences in High Dependency Unit in one of the private hospital in Kuala Lumpur. Since July 2013, i had been resigned from my job due to some personal matter. I had been tried to search for local jobs for several times but unsucessfull. I do like working in operation theatre department but unfortunately i am not being choosen at first after my diploma course due to lack of staff in high dependency unit. I don't mind learn from the begining again as i really like OT working enviroment very well. I just want to ask... with my 2 years experiences and now i had been jobless for almost 1 years.... will i get a opportunity to work in Dubai as a SRN in OT?? I m sorry if i had troublesome you, hope you can help me with my query. thanks and have a nice day.
  13. by   Hannah_18
    Hi everyone! Hi kitsiekits! How have you passed through that hurdle? I have successfully scheduled my exam through prometric online, however in my sheryan account, i have already clicked on the submit button thinking there would be another instructions provided. To my surprise, i cant undo & could not provide anymore my exam date. Im so worried now. Can anybody help me with this! Thanks a lot. God bless.