A Canadian Nurse who wants to work in Hong Kong

  1. I am a Canadian nursing student, and will be graduated soon in June 2016. I planned to take my NCLEX exam in Canada after my graduation, and would like to move back to Hong Kong right after since I am born in there.

    I have researched a lot regarding the Nursing Licensing Exam for oversea nurses in Hong Kong, and I know it is a very difficult examination regardless of its format and expectation. In the meanwhile, I am also lost and confused about the process of applying with the Nursing Council of Hong Kong in order to become eligible to write the licensing examination.

    I read some post earlier on this forum, and noticed that there are people who migrate to Hong Kong in order to continue their careers too! So I really would like some help and advice from you guys about how does the process actually work? And as I have clinical experience working in a hospital settings as a nursing for four yeas, would you still recommend me to gain some extra working experience after my graduation in Canada before moving back to HK?

    Thank You so much for your help!
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  3. by   loriangel14
    Clinical hours during school are not counted as nursing experience. Yes working for a couple of years would be a good plan.
  4. by   CYYV
    Are you sure you want to move to HK? I don't know about Canada but the hospitals are very different between HK and US. I checked out HK Nursing Council website. It doesn't look like you need to take exam. You just have to send your transcript from your nursing college, your Canadian license and pay a fee assuming they recognize your education in Canada is equivalent to HK requirement. That is it. Oh you have to fill out application that you can download from their website as well.
  5. by   glor333
    thanks for the reply! but i checked a several places and they said nurses who are trained oversea who wish to work in hk are required to take an examination (written and practical part).
  6. by   becclkm
    Dear Glor333,
    Did you contact the nursing council in HK ? I know one new graduate from western university has just submitted her transcript to them and they asked her to do few more hours in order to fill in the required clinical hours. She has asked her university to write her the break down of the clinical placement she worked before and she also take some courses in ICU, CPR in order to fill up the gap.
    after they think the clinical hours is accepted, they will ask you to take the practical exam and written exam. But don't worry, it's not that difficult , but some tricky thing they like to trap the candidate... Once you have passed their credential verification and allow you to sit in their licensing exam, i can tell you how these tricky thing hahah<<< I have worked in nursing school in HK and in nursing council in HK for licensing exam before
  7. by   glor333
    Dear Becclkm,
    Thank you so much for your reply! It is really very helpful!
    I did not contact the nursing council yet because I still have not graduated yet but until this April. So i definitely will contact them I finish all of my courses!
    For the clinical hours requirement, do you know does it have to be within the school? Or I can take additional course (e.g. ICU/CPR) like your friend did in order to fill in the gap? And also, do you know do they require work experience (like excluding the clinical experience within school) in order to become qualified to write the exam?
    Sorry for asking so many questions, and thank you again for your reply! And I absolutely will contact you once everything is settled!
  8. by   becclkm
    Hi Glor333,
    Sorry for late reply. I think you better ask them over the phone. Can you speak Cantonese ? My friend who just take some courses in Toronto and then the Nursing council in HK has accepted. So you'd better tell them your situation. 4 years degree nursing program should not have any problems
  9. by   glor333
    Hi Becclkm,
    Yea I can speak Cantonese and I have already emailed the nursing board in Hk regarding my concerns. So basically now I am just waiting to write my license exam first in Toronto, and I will apply to the HK's after I pass haha
    Do you know is the written part for the license exam in HK similar to the Canada's btw? Or it is even harder?
    Thanks so much for you reply!
  10. by   reddi.poola
    i hope your information might help me also.
  11. by   yau414
    Hi glor333, I am also a Canadian RN from Vancouver that is looking to move back to HK. Just wondering if you've had any updates with your applications? Would love to connect with you! Thanks!
  12. by   medray34
    Hi glor333,
    Me too !
    I am an American RN and I am in HK, looking for jobs right now.
    Would love to connect with you! My addy is medray@gmail.com. Thanks!
  13. by   Nania Z.
    Hi glor333,
    im currently a second year nursing student in canada, and im already thinking about going back to HK for nursing. Can you tell me how should prepare, or what i need to accomplish to help me get the license in HK? Any advice? Thank you, and wish you good luck. I would love to have contact with you for more help in the future.
  14. by   lkm812
    Hi glor333,
    Long time not seeing you posting! I have passed NCLEX-RN and waiting for Canadian nursing license now. How was your nursing license in Hong Kong, My friend from Western U, just took a written exam but she said she has no idea on the questions.. and she is waiting for the result in Toronto.