2017 NMC UK Decision Letter

  1. Hi Guys,

    I found an old thread from 2016 but wanted to start anew so we don't have to filter through 20+ pages. I submitted my application in June and it was placed on the queue on June 21. I am still anxiously waiting for my decision letter. My 40 working days is on the 16 August. Is there anyone else that submitted this at about the same time as me that's waiting to hear back?

    Also - anyone have issues with clinical practice hours in university from the US? I was short by 25 hospital hours, but I did 187 hours volunteering at a hospital while I was in school. They said to include that in my transcript of training, that it should be ok but it would still need to be assessed like everything else, which leads me to believe it should be fine, albeit still so terrified! I have my family and my boyfriend waiting on me to get there and I can't wait any longer!!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Moved to the Nurse Registration forum where there are a few threads discussing this
  4. by   suelumumba
    Hi. Yes, I think our timelines are almost the same. I entered the queu on the 30th of June. Today is day 47 of waiting. This anxiety is going to drive me nuts. Anyway, I guess we just have to wait and hope for the best. The assesment seems to be taking 2months from what I've read. Goodluck!!
  5. by   NYCRNtoUK
    I heard back yesterday, on working day #39. I need to resend a reference form but other than that I should be good. Good luck to you, you should hear soon. If you dont mind me asking where are you from?
  6. by   caramel02
    I was put in the queue last 23 June 2017 and I was so happy when I opened my email account earlier this morning when I saw a message from the NMC . Unfortunately, it was not my decision letter at all but a feedback from the them that I need to upload another qualification certificate ( diploma) for they cannot download the first one that I submitted. As instructed, I uploaded it again in a different section ( in Identification area) but it did not upload at all despite of enormous attempts. However, I was able to upload successfully the said document in the education section. As for now, I am really anxious and frustrated to death that my assessment will take another 70 days. If there's someone out here who was also required to upload another document how many days it took before the release of your Decision Letter?
  7. by   acr814
    Hi guys. I also have the same timeline with you. I entered the queue last June 26th, I received an email from my assessor last August 17th. She wanted me to confirm if I had any unregistered practice. She wanted me to upload a copy of my CV on the additional identification part of the portal which I had difficulty doing so. Since, she also said that I could reply to her email, that's what I did. She responded 5 minutes after and told me that she passed me to the next stage, and that I could download my decision letter in the portal already. I think for those of us who got on the queue last June are going to receive the DL this month. I had a friend who was asked to resubmitt his birth certificate and 1 reference letter. He did not wait another 70 days but he received his DL 3 weeks after. However, he had some problems with his medical examination because they found a scar on his X-ray.
  8. by   inisha
    Hi everyone, need help on my decision letter query.
    Here's my status:
    My application entered assessment queue on 7th June. I got an email from NMC on 31st July, that they want some further information, basically, two information:
    1) My current employers letter head stating that my current role required an active nursing registration and a blank copy of employer reference form 1 (front page copy) along with it.
    2) My updated CV to be uploaded showing all the gaps in experience. It needs to be uploaded under additional ID proof documents section.

    I did the same as required above and resubmitted my application. So, my application went under assessment queue again on 17th Aug.

    Can you please tell, how much time does it normally takes to re-assess the required docs. It has been more than two months now when it went under assessment queue first time on 7th June. This is hell frustrating. Hope my application doesn't need another 60 days to re-assess after re-submission...
  9. by   Dinkier
    Hi guys! We all have the same situation. According to my agency, mine entered the qeue on 29 June. And yes, IT IS REALLY FRUSTRATING, coz waiting game isz real! My agent just required me to submit an updated CV last july 24.. and a few days ago she called me that my employer is expecting me to received my DL within this month coz they would deploy me on october 30 (😲😲) as i am currently employed and need to render for 30days before i can officially leave my job. But ofcourse they are also still waiting for my DL.. unlike some of you, i am currently not receiving any email from Nmc telling me to resubmit anything..its been exactly 53 calendar days ago since. 😐🤔😣😥
  10. by   acr814
    Hi dinkier just have patience. I think for those who entered the queue last June will either get their DL this August or September. If you have not received your DL by September, call the NMC. Sometimes, it depends on the person who assessed your applications or sometimes with the complexity of your documents. It varies per applicant but rest assured that no one is declined to take the OSCE. What is the name of your agency? You are lucky because they do follow-ups with you.
  11. by   Dinkier
    Thanks! Still hoping for the best!! IPAMS is the name of my agency. From the Philippines here.
  12. by   suelumumba
    Hi guys, hope you're all doing well. I received an email from the NMC as well, earlier today asking me to resubmit my registration certificate. I did that and I hope that I'll be counting days now. Today is day 55 of waiting...almost hitting the 60. I'll keep you updated on any new development. I'm Kenyan by the way, nice to meet you all.
  13. by   jedprowell11
    hi guys.
    i would like to ask how long did it take you to enter the queue from the nmc? I submitted all my papers including the bar coded forms and according to the courier tracking, they already received it, however, its almost 2 weeks now and they havent uploaded my documents in the nmc portal. should i contact them?
    -nurse from the Philippines
  14. by   acr814
    Hi jedprowell11! Usually it takes 10-14 days for the barcoded forms to be uploaded at the NMC portal. Check the drop down NMC option and choose MY APPLICATION. You will see if they have received your documents there. If there is no indication that your documents were received then you might as well call them.