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Nurse being refused dental care?!

by Justanurse77 Justanurse77 (New) New Nurse

Has 3 years experience.

Hi all,

so long story short, I started having sensitivity and pain around around a tooth last week, and I can actually feel a little swelling right above it. The next day, I started having earache and a sore throat on the same side. All of these signs made me realize I need to have a root canal done. I called my dentist, and they give me an appointment immediately. After they did they routine screening for covid19, I disclosed that I do take care of these patients, in case they need to take extra precautions in the office. They were like "ooooh", it should be fine we'll see you. They called me back a couple hours later to say there is no need for me to be seen, and antibiotics should be enough. I called them back a couple days later, and they referred me to an orthodontist!

The orthodontist gave me an appointment after lots of questions and screening, and said they'll see me, however, they called me back the day of my appointment to say they don't feel comfortable seeing me because of my job, they dont have any N95s, and they're gonna put me on Flagyl in addition to the Amoxicillin I've been on !! and then re-evaluate once things "slow down with coronavirus". I tried asking them that if I need a root canal wouldn't delaying it for weeks cause more severe issues and they just said the abx should treat you.....

It just seems unfair that I can't get the treatment I need, all because of my job. With, all this "hero" crap that's going on, there also seems to be a stigma surrounding being a nurse right now. I tried explaining to them that we have good PPE and measures in place to prevent us from getting infected and as healthcare professionals we are staying home unlike the general public but nope. Is anyone else experiencing anything similar and being refused care because of their job?

Not because of my job as far as I know, but my last dental appointment was cancelled by the office, the voicemail said they were closing for two weeks and they would call me to reschedule. Well, that was over a month ago.