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Nurse recruiters


I'm a new grad on the hunt for my first nursing job. Luckily, throughout school I maintained a good relationship with my aDON and I impressed her in my academics. She wrote me a letter of recommendation and gave me the names and numbers of several nurse recruiters that she knows personally from different hospitals to call and talk to about job. Its great that I have the direct contact information of so many nurse recruiters....it would be even more great if they ever answered the phone or returned a phone call :banghead:

Three weeks ago, I called them all. No answer, so I left a voicemail and sent my resume and cover letter to their direct email. I waited a few days. No reply from any of them. I called them again at various different times of the day, but this time I didn't leave a message, just trying to catch one of them in their office to speak to a live person. A few more days go by and I try to call again and send one email to each of them. Literally nothing. I'm trying to be persistent, but not annoying and pestering, so I only left a voicemail twice. I understand they are busy, but you'd think they would be in their office to answer the phone at some point, right?? I also understand they must be getting lots of calls from new grads looking for jobs, its just frustrating to feel ignored. It would literally take two minutes to reply to my email or call and tell me either, "I'm interested, please send me more information", or "Sorry, we're not interested at the moment".

Just some frustrated ranting for your Tuesday afternoon :cry:

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Were there any open positions at these facilities that you can apply to? It could be that per policy, an application must be submitted before a recruiter makes contact. If there are open positions, go ahead and apply.

Yes I've applied to several positions to each hospital and I mentioned it specifically in my messages. I'm trying to go through all the motions and take the correct steps.