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Hello, I am currently working as a psych RN in an adult psych unit. I want to create a project that would be therapeutic to patients in my area. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks.

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Can you tell me more about your demographic?


Our Adult Unit has 2 floors. Each floor has about 15 beds. Ages range from 18 to 55. We accept both voluntary and involuntary patient with psychotic and mood disorders, substance abuse disorders.

Play a song from an era that the patients are familiar with and have them talk about the feelings that they are experiencing when they hear the song.

You could turn a "quiet room" or seclusion room into a calming room With soft colors, soothing music, aromatherapy, soft dolls or blankets if appropriate.

Sorry for my English. I'm from Madrid (Spain). I entered the nursing school with 18 years. I am at the end of my 47 years old.

I have been dedicated to the best work in the world for almost 30 years. And all these years in the same hospital and in the same service: income in the psychiatry service in the toxicological unit specialized in cocaine.

I've been in this unit for 26 years.

Feeling very much the patients I treat are very aggressive, they have been admitted many times, they know the pharmacopoeia as the nurses. And my ratio is 5 patients for two nurses. In the units of drug addicts female nurses do not work unless they want to cover a shift, they are happy to be part of the team and most are harder than men.

Because of my experience, my patients only look for one thing: drug.

They are incommunicado so they can not plot any uprising.

They do not receive visits except from a family member, they are always usually father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandparents. The condition is that they are always the same.

After these visits, they test positive at the controls. They are people who have the right to see their relatives and enjoy privacy.

We are not in a prison, we are in a hospital with the most important psychiatric service in Europe, for the number of patients treated per year. But like all the services of any hospital, there are more doctors and medico in practice than nurse.

Practitioners and doctors never remember their patients. Of course remembering our needs would be a miracle. They prescribe through the medical records and looking through a window of the door of the room, but not enter .... Who has to enter in the room to fulfill the medical order ????

The nursing swaps.

I have been cut with a scalpel, a lawyer with a one-way tube.

After trying everything, I discovered that a pen and leave for two hours to paint the walls is the best therapy.

The head of service enters a state of chronic anger, for less uncontrolled anger and less insults to health personnel my colleagues have voluntarily entered a patient.

I always try to prevail 3 standards.

The less contact with other patients with problems of drug addiction will be all calmer.

Convince visitors that taking drugs is very dangerous, some medications mixed with a significant amount and consumed at high speed cause collapse.

And the last one, give them a pen to decorate their space.

A strong hug.

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