Working part time as a new-grad FNP?

  1. Hey everyone, I'm 26 and about to begin FNP school part-time (should take 3 years). We were wanting to try to conceive in about 2-3 years, but decided that I should finish school first. Is it unrealistic to think that I can work part-time as a new grad FNP? Would it be wise to plan 3 years for school plus a solid year or two of practice before planning a family?

    I am very concerned about the risks that come with later pregnancies and I just heard (again) today that women underestimate how difficult it is to get pregnant, especially after 30.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   nyteshade
    I'm in the exact same boat as you, 26 and starting FNP school next year. I should be done in 2 years. I was worrying about the child thing too. Maybe you can discuss with your OB/GYN? Seems like they would be the best one to ask in this situation. Good luck in your endeavors!
  4. by   cruisin_woodward
    I am not sure about FNP, but I know that there are part time jobs out there. As far as experience goes, I am thinking that it will depend on the job and the amount of back up that will be available to you. If there are other APRNs available as a resource (or physician), then you might be ok...I will say that I started trying to get pregnant at age 26, and didn't conceive until I was 34...went through a whooooooole lot of infertility treatments. Gave up and was shocked when I got pregnant. Every one will say to you, "ohh you are young! Don't worry!" But I'm hear to say that things don't always happen the way we plan them...Good luck to you!!