Which, if any, national organizations should i join?

  1. Studying for my PNP boards right now; and now that I can register to sit for the exam, I noticed that ANCC gives credentialing discounts to ANA and AANP members. I have also noticed while applying for jobs, that there are areas where you can insert organizations you are a member of. So while the discount for the exam is nice, which organization do you find has been most beneficial for you? For discounts (conferences, CEs, anything). For finding a job. For what looks good on your job application. For networking. For getting your voice heard. Anything.

    As a hopeful PNP candidate, I was also looking into NAPNAP. Problem there was California has a lot of regional chapters, and I dont know where I may end up. Anyone have thoughts on CANP or found that it was worth being a member of their state NP organization?

    Thank you in advance for any thoughtful insights! Happy New Years!
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  3. by   Annaiya
    I really enjoy being a NAPNAP member. You can go to the local meetings wherever you end up even if you start at a different chapter. I found AANP to be too FNP focused so I dropped my membership with them. ANA is fine, but too expensive and I didn't feel it was worth it. SCCM and ACCN are my other memberships that I get a lot out of but if you're not critical care those wouldn't apply. Good luck on your exam!