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  1. Where is the best area to work as an RN to get the clinical experience needed to be a FNP? I am going to school for FNP. I want to work in the area that will help me gain the experience or knowledge needed for the program.
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  3. by   sailornurse
    As an FNP sutdent I worked in the ER, it really helped to learn H&P's- & very well I might add esp funduscopic eye exams ( I practiced on every one that came in if it was slow, learn which labs/diagnostics to order/interpret, read xrays, watch how to suture & the population includes kids, geriatrics, women with vag bleeds etc so got to see the pelvic exams. Plus the docs were great, they were always pointing out things, quizzing me, etc. The best thing was that I was not held to the 12 hour shift mentality like on the floors, so I worked 4 hours, 6 hours, 10 hours. I was PRN, so I also worked nights & days which fit my crazy school schedule a lot better.