When to start looking for a job? - Area: Indianapolis

  1. Hi,

    I will graduate from my adult NP program May 2013. I know this is premature, but wondered when would be a good time to start actually looking for positions? I am nervous about graduating and not being able to find a job. I will be 55 when I graduate.

    As a new NP, do most places start at a base rate? Do I get any credit for my years of being an RN? Anyone in the Indianapolis area that knows of starting rate for NP's?

    I have borrowed a lot of money with federal student loans. I know about the federal programs for paying back, but if I cannot find a job through that service, is that something that either private hospitals, doctors, etc offer?

    I am going to probably do one of my clinical rotations at the VA. Does anyone have any experience working for the VA? How do you like it (if there are jobs in my area there). I understand their benefits are great.

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  3. by   tryingtohaveitall
    I graduated in June with my PNP. I waited to look. It was a stressful enough time with graduating my oldest from high school the same week as my final and hooding. I put out a few feelers prior to taking and passing my boards. Thankfully there seems to be a good market around me for my specialization and experience. I am finding that they are willing to give me credit for time served as an RN.

    It helps if you are working in your future market so they know you and your abilities. Networking is huge! Good luck!