What time table am I looking at?

  1. Typicallly, going full time, how long will it take to get your NP?

    I graduate in Dec of this year with my ADN. I will then work but continue taking classes (part time) towards my BSN. After that, I am interested in NP. If I were to quit work and go full time, what time table am I looking at?

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  3. by   suzanne4
    Your NP program will basically take you 2 years after your BSN. I recommend that you get some experience in the area you wnat to get your NP in before you begin your classes. I know that there are some nurses that are new grads and are going directly into a program. There are also many hospitals that won't hire a NP that does not have prior work experience as an RN.
    Simple example: How can someone decide that they want to be a NNP (neonatal nurse practitioner) without having workied in an NICU first. Very big difference between being in that environment as a student and as a nurse. You would be misisng alot of the skilss that I think you need to work there. And would also miss out of many things.

    To get into any CRNA program you need minimum of one year ICU experience. Besides learning hemdynamics, etc. you learn how to prioritize your time, etc. Something that they do not teach you in nursing school.

    I am sure that there are other nurses that think otherwise, this is just my experience, plus with many, many years to back it up. The nurses that went straight into an NP program without getting their feet wet had many problems before being accepted by other nurses, etc. later on.
  4. by   skanded
    So you can get your NP after your BSN? I was under the assumption I had to get my Masters before I could become an NP. Is that not correct?

    I agree with you about working to get the experience. I feel like right now I don't know much. I also work as a CNA II occasionally (when time allows) and I learned more in one day than I did my whole first semester of clinicals. I will definitely be working fulltime while getting my BSN, need to save up some money anyway after not working while getting my ADN. So hopefully I will find my niche and know what specialty I want for my NP.

    THank you for the info!
  5. by   suzanne4
    The degree that you receive is a MSN. If you take the Advanced Practice tract, then you will be completing requirements for your NP certification at the same time.

    Hope that this helps...............
  6. by   skanded
    Thank you so much Suzanne! I am so glad to have the info, makes me feel like I might actually make it, with a few years shaved off. LOL

    Being a nursing student, I am finding so many areas that i am really interested in. I hope the novelty doesn't wear off before I get there.