what NOT to do during job interview and negotiation

  1. I am a new NP grad who is about to interview for her first NP job. I have been reading here and looking online about negotiating contracts which are great for figuring out what to do.

    however, what are some things I should absolutely NOT do during the job interview itself, and during negotiating the position? It is for a full time job at a non-profit clinic.

    thank you for any input!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Some interviewers will want to nail down a figure that you want in the first interview. I try to avoid this at all costs. I steadfastly say, "that's negotiable." When I interviwed I did have a "bottom line" figure in mind. I wasn't going to take a pay cut and in fact wanted 20k more than what I was making as a staff RN. I knew this going in but didn't particularly want them to know it.

    I always asked to shadow (or at least talk with) the current NP/APN/PA or one of the other APNs in the practice. If this position was the only APN, I always asked why?

    Good luck....know your salary ranges for your area.