What are the benefits of passing USMLE for DNP?

  1. DNP who passes USMLE....What can they do more?
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  3. by   forpath
    As far as I know, a DNP is not eligible to take the USMLE and therefore can never pass it, unless he/she goes on to be enrolled in an accredited medical school.
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    In addition to what has already been said above, Doctor of Nursing Practice or DNP is a degree that encompasses different advanced practice nursing roles. The addition of an academic degree does not change one's scope of practice. What determines scope of practice is one's advanced practice designation (such as NP, CNM, CRNA, or CNS) and one's practice location in terms of state of jurisdiction.

    The authority to practice as a Nurse Practitioner is granted by the state via the Board of Nursing, and in some states, jointly granted by the Boards of Nursing and Medicine. Scopes of practice between states vary in terms of physician involvement in practice issues including autonomous provision of healthcare to patients and prescriptive authority. Therefore, any change in scope of practice requires passing of a change in legislation at the state level.