What Are the Options for Advanced Degrees in Nursing?

  1. One RN who has a BA in liberal arts and desires a career in advanced practice with a specialty in cardiovascular nursing.

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    There are a number of options for this nurse, who has a wealth of experience and a desire to pursue an advanced degree and make an impact on the reduction of cardiovascular disease in women. Options to achieve her goals exist both within and outside of the nursing profession. Because she already holds a bachelor's degree, one option is to pursue a master's degree. She can earn a master's degree in nursing (eg, in a specific clinical area of nursing, as a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, nurse educator, or administrator) or a master's degree in another field (eg, public health or psychology). A doctoral degree in nursing (PhD or DNP) or another field (eg, PhD in psychology or public health) can fulfill future post master's educational goals.

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    He or she can also earn a DNSc- a doctorate in nursing science. A clinical and research oriented doctorate degree.
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