Tampa family Health info PLEASE

  1. Does anyone have more insightful info into Tampa Family Health? I am not like thing 2 year contract and if I decide to leave before getting 10K fine.
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  3. by   M1567646
    Hi doodledome,

    I couldn't help but notice your post. I've been trying to get the scoop....I was hoping you could tell me what you know? I can keep it completely confidential. I would really appreciate it!
  4. by   Tarshapitt
    I have been looking for information as well. They have plenty of positions was wanting to know about the starting salary.
  5. by   Goldenfox
    As a general rule, most places that have plenty of openings (unless they just opened), offer a big bonus to come there, or penalize you with a big fine if you leave early aren't usually places where most people would choose to work if they could avoid it. In other words, there's always a reason for big bonuses and penalties and the plentiful vacancies, and most of the time the reason isn't good. Still, worth considering though---especially if you're new and have difficulty getting a job, but may be only worth considering as a stepping stone to gain experience. Look for an escape clause of some kind in the contract. If there isn't one then beware. Two years isn't a very long time, but it can seem like forever if you are are miserable and stuck there because you can't leave without paying them a hefty sum of cash (and that is a lot of cash, btw).

    If you really want to know, then Google is your friend (sort of, anyway). Go to Google and try the string 'Tampa Family Health reviews'. Go through the first 4 to 5 pages and look for links to common job sites. Some are pure text, but the ones that you're really looking for have little gold-colored stars in the links. You'll recognize them right away. Click on these links and they will take you to anonymous comments made by current and former employees of the place. And, caveat lector: remember also to read between the lines; comments that are only glowing with high marks and posted relatively close together in time are usually planted in the reviews by the HR people at the company itself.