Student ACNP Looking for Clinical(s) in Austin, Tx

  1. hi,

    time has come to start my first 2 clinical rotations.
    issue: i am relocating to austin (tx) and don't (yet) know anyone there.
    i am in the acute care np track, and both clinicals need to be done within a hospital system. that being said, one rotation focuses on the assessment skills (head to toe, and specialized by system i.e : ear, nose and throat ~ cardiovascular etc...) and the second (simultaneous) focuses on prevention and maintaining health.
    i would have gladly contacted a pcp/family doc, but my program director thinks doc's approach isn't holistic enough and i would "catch" bad habits :d
    i would appreciate any link, direction, contact info (or whatever you can think of) to get me started in my search of a mentor for these upcoming clinical rotations.

    all suggestions welcome!

    many thanks,

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  3. by   ghillbert
    Have you tried the local NP organization?