Seeking Wound Care NPs Feedback

  1. Any Wound Care Nurse Practitioners out there who can comment on what their day-to-day responsibilities, workflow, patient load, physician/surgeon collaboration, reimbursement/salary is like?

    What would be a complicated patient typically look like or entail?

    Do you find subspecializing gives you a better work/life balance compared to other NPs/PAs that you know of practicing in other specialties?

    Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated. Have not found my niche and thinking maybe a super subspecialty like wound care would provide more specificity and focus that may be better suited for me.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I know our mega hospital system is currently hiring for a wound care APN - they are to see the more complicated wounds then the wound RN sees.
  4. by   Rekkashinorei
    Thank you. Just wondering if choosing a job with such a selected focus and job-specific role might provide a better work/life balance.

    There's a few openings on a national level, but you don't hear about the details of the job much.

    If you know of any person or article to refer, I am open to any suggestions.