Seeking NP Preceptor in Upstate NY

  1. I am trying to network to find a preceptor this semester (now through May). If anyone knows of any resources in the upstate NY area or has any leads on NPs/PAs/MDs in Family Health/Primary Care I'd really appreciate hearing from you. I've looked at free clinics in the area but the clinic hours there are limited to 4-8 hours weekly and ideally I'd like to do at least 16 clinical hours a week. Solid providers at convenient care centers or walk in clinics would be great, especially because of the extended hours into the evenings. I would try calling providers directly but from what I've seen and heard one generally doesn't get past the front office staff.

    Any leads or advice/support would be greatly appreciated. I'm located near the southern tier and will travel throughout the area to Binghamton, Scranton, Syracuse, Auburn, Cortland, Ithaca, Elmira, Corning, Sayre, Bath, Oneonta, Cooperstown, Albany, possibly even Rochester or NYC/NJ, etc. for a preceptor interested in working with me.

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  3. by   Dixiecup
    are there any FQHC rural clinic around there? they are always happy to take on students. It;s a great learning experience and the facility also gets some kind of credit for having a student. I work at one of these sites and had a student with me and I got CME hours for doing it. plus it was a lot of fun!