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  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm a new grad NP who just received their DEA registration certificate in the mail. On the certificate it shows schedules 2, 2n, 3, 3n, 4, 5 but I had received a letter from the board of nursing that my college did not meet the pharmacology requirement for prescribing controlled prior to receiving the registration certificate. My question is am I eligible to prescribe schedule II medication based on the registration certificate alone? I have taken the required 3 hours of CEs today and have mailed it out to my BoN but in the interim should I prescribe scheduled medication? I work in an oncology practice and patients often times need medication for pain management and my BoN (California) is very slow at processing things.

    Christopher P. Do, NP-C
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  3. by   bookwormom
    I would go with the board letter, until you have something else in writing. I would not prescribe the schedule II drugs until the board gives you the go-ahead.
  4. by   IsabelK
    I agree. Each state has regulations about what you can prescribe and when, especially the scheduled drugs. Do what your BON has said-you'll be able to prescribe those meds soon enough. Don't jeopardize your license by prescribing them before the BON says you can.
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    Agree with the previous posters. DEA certificate is just one step in having the ability to prescribe controlled substances in California. Your NP furnishing license must state that you can prescribe schedule drugs and that requires approval from the BRN. Since you already mailed the CEU certificate, I would just wait to see what the board's final decision is and make sure your employer knows your situation.
  6. by   chrisdo92
    Thanks all, appreciate the second opinion