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  1. Does anyone out there know the salaries for the retail Np ( Cvs, Walgreen). What are the pros and cons. I would appreciate any advise. THanks
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    i hear that their salaries start off at about 70K, but i think that depends on the state u live in. i have also heard on another post on this website that it is not recommended that new grads start off in a retail clinic because it doesn't allow you to develop any skills really. folks come in wit basic illnesses (sore throat, flu, etc) and the np has to follow specific guidelines already in place by the company to treat the person.

    Anyone with experience in this, feel free to add to this here!!! I'm kinda curious about retail clinics myself!!!!
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    be on the lookout for oversaturation in an area.

    this is the first time cvs has put any of its clinics on a "seasonal" schedule: spring is typically a slower season for the clinics. the company told dow jones the move was meant to "align with consumer demand," and that it hasn't exited any markets. almost all of the clinics that were closed are located within 10 miles of another minuteclinic, and half are within five miles, a spokeswoman said.

    the move may speak to overcapacity in a young industry that has grown rapidly but has [color=#093d72]only attracted modest demand from patients, who go to the clinics for simple ailments. as we [color=#093d72]noted last year, the clinics appear to be showing a pattern sort of like the dot-com bubble, in which some will go away while others survive
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    I work retail clinic that is affillated with a hospital. I had already been an np for 4 years before I changed to retail and now work part time retail/ part time urgent care. I agree that being right out of school would not be my choice, because if you want to get out of them at some point you are not very marketable. You also dont have anyone to ask questions to and learn from when you work alone. The pay is lower than other areas but its also low acuity. I dont have any spedific treatment protocols to follow but keep visits in the scope of the clinic also. We also have a few new hires that have worked at minute clinic and take care. I know some of them have specific protocols to follow.