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  1. I just passed my ANCC certification exam on the 22nd! Now I'm on the search for a job. I'm pretty sure when I went into school, I found listings for FNP jobs everywhere. Now that I am looking and really need a job, there are very few. Curious has anyone ever used a recruiter? Good or bad experience?
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  3. by   BChapp3182
    I've never used one but my cousin used to be one so she told me that the recruiter will negotiate your salary and contract for you (per your preset terms) and that it's in their best interest to get you the highest salary so they get the highest comission. She did say there are some out there just looking to fill vacant jobs and do "volume" sales that really don't put fourth the effort on your behalf. I plan to get some referrals for good recruiters, thru her. She is in the IT industry and said her recruiter got her better benefits and $10k more in salary than she was getting in a similiar job she found on her own.

    I just graduated and do plan to use recruiters as well as the usual job seeking tactics.