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  1. I recently took the AANP on July 1, 2014. I too did not pass. I really though the test was very difficult. I spent numerous hours, days, and nights preparing. I too am very disappointed. I took the Fitzgerald review course, studied from both the Winland-Brown and APEA Review Questions and Strategies Book. In my opinion, the test questions are not straight forward like those in either of Questions and Strategies Book. The test questions are more complex and require you to think and apply knowledge. Be very careful to make sure you understand what the questions are really asking. Look for key words. I realize many of the mistakes I made after I though about it. I have not yet received my scores, but I know many of my weaknesses. I found the medications, required labs, and some of the medication questions to be confusing. I am now studying from LEIKS and have already gotten a better understanding on how to take the test and what to look for. I am going back in about 30 days to retest and I am considering it already done! For all of those who did not pass including me let's keep out heads up and not quit. You have not failed unless you quit! I wonder will we see some of the same questions second time around?

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