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  1. I'm a nursing student and I"m seriously considering continuing my education as a psych nurse practitioner. One of my instructors and good friends suggested that I get online here and ask for input from Psych NP's-the job availability, what other employment opportunity's are available for you guys besides mental health hospitals, approximate pay-just stuff like that! I'd really appreciate any input you guys have! Thanks a bunch!
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  3. by   Psychaprn
    Hi and welcome! We can always use more Psych. NP's. As for pay and availability of jobs it depends on your experience, location, size of practice etc. Personally, I love working in a group private practice. I do psychotherapy and meds. You can consult in Nursing Homes, work for an insurance company, work in a clinic etc. Here in Ct. the pay range is about 55,000-80,000-full time.
  4. by   pegbord
    how likely is it to find employment as pmhnp without experience. i want to continue on with education directly after getting my bsn (will graduate bsn in spring 08) to become pmhnp. without bedside nursing experience is it likely that finding employment will be difficult? i live in washington state - rural, but travel to city (if city employment is more likely) is only about an hour or so.