Psych NP Inpt vs Outpt Pay

  1. I'll be graduating this May from my Psych NP program. I'm currently doing my final clinical rotation inpatient and have a feeling i might be able to stay on as staff after graduating. Does anyone know if Inpatient pays better compared to outpatient or is about the same?

    Thanks for your responses!
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  3. by   Oldmahubbard
    I can't answer that, but I do think the opportunity to work inpatient is invaluable. Grab it, do it for at least a couple of years, and you will be much better prepared.

    Outpatient is 3 patients an hour, walking in off the street, telling you a story, or usually half the story. You need very solid diagnostic skills, which inpatient can give you.
  4. by   NHGN
    I think it depends on the individual business. I got a $17/hr raise when I switched from a hospital to an OP community clinic.