Psych NP being refused collaboratition by a medical group

  1. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=#000000][/COLOR][/FONT]I respondedto a job opening for a medical group looking for a psych NP on consult tocomplete psych evaluations and medications management in nursing homes. Afterall the credentialing was completed, I request the psychiatrist collaborationabout 12 days into the practice. The medical group staff informed me that Iwould this done as soon as the medical director comes back from vacation. Afterwaiting for two weeks with no response, I made another request, and was told"the psychiatrist is on two weeks of vacation oversees and will have the collaborativeas soon as the psychiatrist returns”. At this point, I stopped taking anyconsults waiting for the return of the psychiatrist that never returned. I gota nasty email from the NPP in the practice accusing me of not consulting fortwo weeks. I informed her I was waiting on the psychiatrist to return. She theninformed me that according to NYS the medical group have 90 days to sign anycollaborative and I need to continue taking consults. Of course they wanted tolet know they will report me for whatever, since I stopped consulting. At thispoint I notified the agency that I would no longer be consulting for them dueto the lack of a psychiatrist within the practice for collaboration. Themedical group was under the impression NYS NP does not need any collaboration.What was surprising, is that the individual I had these conversations with, wasa (NYS NPP) and the medical group relied on this individual for everything interms of NP practice.

    Discussed this with NYS board and they informed me I did the right thing bywalking away. They were not sure where the 90 days came from as the law is veryclear. Even the agency who did the recruitment mention the 90 days, and Iinformed the recruiter to call the board. All this took place within four weeksof me being in the practice and no contract. This was lessons learned for me. I did armed myself with a healthcare lawyerjust in case. The lawyer voiced the sameas the broad. Just wanted to put this informationout there, for NPs to be very proactive and careful before engaging.
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    Good for you that you have stayed on top of this....