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  1. I am interested in working as a psych NP within the AR and wondered if anyone could speak a bit about what a typical drill weekend involves. Direct psych patient care, educating others, training? Do all providers, techs, and so forth meet initially during drill and then go off to their own specialties? Furthermore, could I 'freely' switch duty stations if I moved to another state while attached to the APMC?
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  3. by   zenman
    Been a while since I've been in but sometimes your unit may train together in field exercises, other times you might be training at a nearby military base or VA or I've even been in a civilian hospital. I was in an Evac Hospital so we might be in the field during 2 week summer drill or military hospital. And of course any drill will occur on a weekend everyone else is doing something you also wanted to do, lol! And you might get my unit did...right after I got out, lol! Yes, when you move you get into the nearest unit. I've been in three due to moves.
  4. by   JavelinO
    So is it an easy process for changing drill units? I mean do I have to have clearance from another unit to start drilling with them if I decide to move to another state? I would a part of APMC (amedd) but if I moved to a area with a drilling unit very close to where I live, would I then be attached to them? Thanks.
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