Patient's right to choose NP or MD

  1. Hello all! I have a question. I currently practice with a solo gyn only MD. It is her policy not to tell the patient who she will be seeing when they call to schedule an appointment. I see all the annual exams, new patients for annuals, vaginitis, UTI, birth control type visits (non-complicated). She then sees the remainder of annuals, abnormal bleeding, HRT, etcs. So the patients get in the room for their visit and when I introduce myself and state I will be performing their exam, they sometimes go into a tizzy. This is especially true for the established patients. If the MA knows the patient very well then she will slide the patient over to the Doc's schedule. However, there are days when this is not possible and this causes chaos for me and the patient. When I enter the room and the patient clearly states they only want to see the DR, I graciously offer them the opportunity to reschedule for a later date or see me now. It seems like we have taken away from the patient's rights as this is sometimes a waste of time for both of us.
    Are there any NPs out there with a similar experience? How do you handle this issue? HelP!!!
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  3. by   sirI
    Was a problem for me at one time when patients arrived thinking they were going to see the physician.

    Policy changed and the patients were advised when making the appointment who they would be seeing.

    End of problem.